dragonIf your planning a trip to Hawaii, deep sea sport fishing is probably something your considering. Then Kona coast offers a unique situation. Because of the high mountains blocking the trade winds, the seas are almost always calm making it a gentle trip. Because the ocean bottom is so steep you don’t have to go that far from land to reach the deep waters, some charters can actually start right after you leave the harbor.

These waters offer the top species of game fish, Blue Marlin is the most sought after fish and there’s a chance you can reel in a 1,000 pound trophy. There is also the Black Marlin and Striped Marlin as well as the Pacific Sailfish, Short-Billed Spearfish or a large shark. For taste with a great fight there is Ahi (Yellow-fin Tuna) that can weigh 100 pounds plus, Ono (Wahoo), Mahimahi, and more.This 915 pound Blue Marlin was caught July 7 2005 off the Kona coast on the big island of Hawaii.

The Kona coast truly has the greatest big game fishing in the world.

You don’t have to be a professional angler, when this 915 pound Blue Marlin on the right was caught, July 7 2005, it was brought in by the 15 year old girl in the pink.

Live your dream!

fishCome fish with us on the beautiful Golden Dragon. This is not just a boat ride! Year around we catch large Pacific Blue Marlin, Ahi Tuna, Spearfish, and Ono. We offer some of the best rates in the harbor!

Our captain is U.S. Coast guard licensed, and has extensive experience fishing in Kona waters. He is known for his expertise with Blue Marlin, Sharks, and Giant Yellow fin Tuna. The Golden Dragon and her crew know the treasures of the Kona cost waters and their surrounding areas.

Because the captain is also the owner of the boat, it helps assure the excellent maintenance of the fishing gear, from the rods & reels to the lines and bait, making sure they are ready to perform in the way they are supposed to. We also understand that customers will not return unless they enjoy the fishing experience and they consistently catch fish. We have many returning customers. The captain has developed a solid reputation for finding fish and giving customers memories that will last a lifetime.

The Golden Dragon is a beautiful 38′ Bertram located in Kona on the big island of Hawaii. We use only the best fishing equipment and accessories from our friends who also specialize in Fish Hawk along with Penn International 2 speed Reels and a fighting chair. We have an enclosed bathroom. We think you will be very comfortable on the Golden Dragon… AND IT IS THE PERFECT BOAT FOR BRINGING IN THE “BIG BLUE” OF A LIFETIME.

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